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Kiddie Kampus Child Care Inc

7076 Blondo St,

Omaha, NE  68104


Phone: (402) 551-8816


Welcome to Kiddie Kampus Child Care Inc.


We have been providing the Omaha, Nebraska area with complete day care services and serving children for over 26 years. We are trained to offer you the best services available. We can handle any types of children. Our facility is spacious and offers a large area for children to play in. You can be rest assured that your children will be safe and well taken care of at our day care center.


We offer safety for all of the children with security cameras in and around the premises so we know what is going on at all times, we also have a secured entry so not just anyone can walk in. We also offer excellent pre-school programs that help the children learn and have fun at the same time. Our center is always kept clean and is very safe. We offer nutritious breakfast as well as lunch and snacks. We take all children up to 12 years old.


We've made a large impact and have become one of first choices and most trusted day care centers in the area. We are certain that our services will be more than beneficial to you and your children. We are always striving to offer the best to our customers, we stand behind everything we offer and deliver complete satisfaction every time.


Give us a call, or stop by for a visit any time!


We look forward to hearing from you soon.